Ecoprodev helps starting your project and make it viable. Use our strengths to build a long-lasting basis.

Common sense

Logical thinking, taking into account a maximum of available elements to our disposal, is the main tool in daily work. Our projects have to be well adapted to different cultures and contexts. Therefore we remain flexible and keep our curiosity. Our listening skills enable us to get immersed in the facts in order to propose well adapted solutions.

Experience around the world

Our Know-How is based on several project related experiences such as project management, project conception and financing (grants and crowd funding), as well as commercial experience in whole sale, retail and conducting  market studies.

High social and intercultural abilities

We enjoy contact with people from all around the world! This is how our excellent network was born. We respect cultural differences, focusing on the common objective: efficient and fair collaboration of people around the world.

Figures as allies

Thanks to a high academic background in analytical economics, our figures are priceless tools to develop your projects. Thus we will propose concrete and reasonable budgets alongside the project description.

Expert network

Some of our services are arranged in partnership with specialists. In order to obtain grants from the develoPPP programm from the BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), we cooperate with, our experimented partner in this field.

Founder & Manager: Ben Hoppenstedt

Ben Hoppenstedt Since childhood Ben is involved in the activities of the organic family farm. At the age of 12, he was on the other side of the world with a school boat: „Expedition Jules Verne“. The aim of the excursion was to lead a study about Amerindian civilisation in Venezuela and the West indies. Ben was in charge of the provisioning of the crew on the local markets, and in that way he was in frequent contact with the local population. Since then he is sensitised to inequalities in the world and development issues.
After being graduated in Economic engineering from the university Toulouse 1 (presently called “Toulouse school of economics”), Ben ended his studies with a master in “Economic Expertise for Development” at the university Pantheon Sorbonne (Paris 1). During his years of study he had the opportunity to complete different internships: In an Indian NGO, in economic consultant offices in Germany and Corsica and in a German cooperation agency in Cameroon.
After that he gained various experiences through his missions as project manager building up an agro-food processing unity in Africa, as well as in in business development in Europe. Since then he is committed to develop projects with high ecologic and social impacts.