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You have a great business idea with good ecologic and social impacts? We will help you to make a successful project out of it!
We develop your concept, set it up and get grants to finance it. We provide assistance up to the commercialisation of the outcoming products.
We will build up together your project based on the variety of our experiences in project conception, financing, management as well as in sales of organic and fair trade products.

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What we care about: Shared Values

  • We aim at enabling smallholder farmers to live from their production
  • We set up long term partnerships
  • We want transparency in the value chain
  • We require ecologic production
  • We support a more equitable profit distribution
  • We work on shorter value chains
  • We love good food

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Economy that makes sense: Our Projects

Organic and fair trade avocado oil from Guinea

Guinea offers ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of avocados. However, there is a lack of buyers and many fruits rot. In contrast, the demand for avocado oil in Europe is very high. The project installed a local oil mill in Kindia, a remote region in the Guinean mountains, where organic avocado oil is produced, using the avocados grown by local farmers.

Support for the production and processing of organic sheep wool in India

In the remote Himalaya region in northern India, one of the few income generation possibilities of the local people is sheep breeding. However, in this isolated region it is difficult to market agricultural products nationally or internationally. Due to a lack of knowledge and equipment, part of this raw wool is currently sold for little money through dealers to the carpet industry as it is neither cleaned nor sorted. Therefore, a significant proportion of wool that could be used as a high-quality product to produce textiles or bedding is sold far below its value.

Support for the cultivation of organic herbs in Morocco

Morocco's climate favours the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs. Despite its proximity to Europe, marketing is challenging due to a lack of technical equipment and the required knowledge about organic cultivation. Through this project, field trials were carried out on a pilot farm, and trainers were trained, who now pass on their knowledge to the surrounding farms. The project thus contributes to the development of organic farming in Morocco.

Organic pineapple pure juice production and diversification of products in Togo

Although Togo is a high-quality pineapple producer country, almost all the production is consumed fresh on the local market. Indeed, difficulties to access international market and price fluctuation hinder pineapple export. The Togolese company Jus Delice built an organic fresh juice processing plant, bringing Togolese pineapple producers on a more stable and rewarding international market than fresh pineapple. Jus Délice is thus supporting an environmentally friendly pineapple production, training more than 150 smallholders in organic agriculture and agroforestry. EcoProDev assisted the project to get co-financed by and is currently studying diversification opportunities in Togo for Jus Délice.